This is what past clients and students are saying:

Johan Bjurman Bergman

Senior Manager, Product Development at
EF Education | WEF Global Shaper | Social Enterprise

November 22, 2017, Michael worked with Johan in the same group

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the AMAZING lessons. I now feel empowered and equipped to speak better and deal with my anxiety.

I feel like my toolbox is full so now it's a matter of practice.

 Thank you again!

Marcos Bulacio

Entrepreneurship, team-building and passion
December 15, 2017, Marcos was a client of Michael’s

Michael was my teacher at Harvard and I learned two very important and valuable things from him:

1- How to give a memorable and out of the box presentation
 2- To set my own measure of success. That helped me define my top indicator from now onwards as Life Enjoyment = profit/(work hours x stress level)

Thank you very much for the passion and for sharing your knowledge with us!

Najeeha "Gia" Farooqi

Co-Founder & CEO at Roshni Rides
September 12, 2017, Najeeha "Gia" was a client of Michael’s

Michael bring passion, creativity, and big-picture thinking as both an adviser and coach. His advice was of instrumental value for my team and I as finalists for the Hult Prize. Through his weekly feedback, we were able to crystallize our ideas into an impactful 6 minute pitch.

Hasan Usmani

Co-Founder & COO at Roshni Rides
September 11, 2017, Hasan was a client of Michael’s

Working with Michael was extremely helpful. He went through our business pitch and incorporated key feedback that strengthened our presentation tremendously. Michael is very good at simplifying complex ideas. It was a pleasure working with him.

Jim Fitchett

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder at Voda Inc.; Harvard University faculty
August 21, 2017, Jim managed Michael directly

Michael and I have worked together in various capacities for over eight years, and we continue to do so. He is bright, personable, productive and a pleasure to work with on projects or brainstorming. I know he will be successful with any initiative, but I selfishly hope he'll continue to work with me on some projects. I recommend him without reservation.

David Babayan

SMM Internship instructor at SMMMaster
June 17, 2017, David was a client of Michael’s

Michael helped me get my first paying client here in Yerevan, Armenia. Michael changed my business plan + the next day made money! Even though I have had free offering this client preferred the paid version which did not exist before Michael. Thank you for every single piece of advice you gave me!

Janet Morra

Principal at Margulies Perruzzi Architects
May 30, 2017, Janet was a client of Michael’s

I had the good fortune to have presentation/interview training with Michael recently. His ability to teach speakers to get to the point and to connect with the audience is remarkable. His lessons are useful in both formal presentations as well as everyday conversations. I highly recommend working with him if you want to be a more effective communicator.

John Westman

Executive Vice President at Novellus, Inc.
May 26, 2017, Michael worked with John in the same group

As a Harvard faculty member, Michael has the uncanny ability to convey complicated concepts in a simple, easy to remember manner while making the entire process enjoyable. One of my many favorite and useful insights from Michael is "unsolicited advice = insult".

Paul McIntire

May 25, 2017, Paul was a client of Michael’s

Michael is like a great movie director. He provides the tools and a clearing for you to bring forth the best version of yourself-not a version of someone else.....YOURSELF.

Paul Alves

VP Sales and Marketing at PropFuel
April 26, 2017, Paul was a client of Michael’s

Michaels deep knowledge and creative approach to public speaking have been immensely helpful in the creation of my first ever formal talk. I love the way he helped me build multiple "modules" within my speech which can be expanded to create shorter, or additional speeches. A pleasure to work with.

Chad Keyworth

Associate Project Manager at Fort Point Project Management
April 24, 2017, Chad was a client of Michael’s

Michael was able to walk into our company and after a quick 10 minute discussion he was able to create a custom program geared toward each one of our goals. Michael lead us into some rather uncomfortable situations but I can't thank him enough for his guidance and his knowledge on public speaking & presentations. In just a few short weeks Michael alleviated some of our biggest hurdles when it came to presentations. I can personally say my fear level, confidence & off the cuff conversations have drastically improved thanks to Michael and his creativity.

Christopher Sandusky

CEO at ZSAnalytics, Inc
April 11, 2017, Christopher was a client of Michael’s

Michael is a true expert at public speaking and has the ability to transfer his knowledge to you and your organization. After working with Michael, I was able to give an amazing public speech to 300 people. Michael is a teacher and a mentor that provides value.

Christine Mosholder

Owner at Fort Point Project Management
April 10, 2017, Christine was a client of Michael’s

Michael developed a presentation training program for our company to improve our interview skills and confidence presenting as a team. His enthusiasm, creativity, and vast experience presenting to diverse audiences has made him an invaluable resource to our team.

Shedlyne Denise Bélanger

March 31, 2017, Shedlyne Denise was a client of Michael’s

Michael is a great teacher/coach, he helped our startup team all the step in our development and even after we gave a wonderful pitch at the Hult Prize. He is a highly motivated individual and fun person to work with. Not to mention the fact the he helped me with my big public speaking speech that was a success. Thank you Michael, you rock!

Sergii Zakharchenko

March 1, 2017, Sergii was a client of Michael’s

I have been a student of few different public speaking classes with Michael. I took a class for beginners. Michael taught me how to structure a speech and keep your audience engaged. He helped me to get rid of the fear of public speaking. I am a member of toastmasters now. The classes with Michael helped me a lot to become a better public speaker.

I also took advanced session where Michael was teaching us specifics of TedTalk. It was very helpful.

I'd highly recommend him for beginners and advanced speakers.