Hi Michael,

Thank you for the AMAZING lessons.

I now feel empowered and equipped to speak better and deal with my anxiety.                                                                                                                                                                                  I feel like my toolbox is full so now it's a matter of practice.    Thank you again!

Patricia J.           Boston, MA         August, 2016


Michael conducted a five session public speaking course for five of us at the Boston Architectural College. Michael is an effective instructor and helped all of us to improve our public speaking skills in a short amount of time.   If you are looking to be a better speaker, I can recommend Michael without any reservations. 

Don Hunsicker  Dean, School of Design Studies at Boston Architectural College       Boston, MA  May, 2016


Hi Michael, 

I just wanted to let you know your CCAE class made a difference. This week I presented some new ideas to about 60 people in various government entities. Leading up to the presentation, I had gone through the whole routine on mapping out my talk, doing many run throughs with others while working on body gestures, eye contact and voice pace. 

The exciting part was by the end of my presentation people understood the material and were engaged allowing them to ask really good questions and thus continuing the discussion. 

The success here has lead to me being asked to do four more presentations to other groups in the next couple months. 

Many Thanks. 

Alex Loer    President at Ocean Works Group    Boston, MA  May, 2016


I worked with Michael McCarthy on a video project aimed at letting people know about the programs offered at the Boston Architectural College. I found Michael to be observant, empathetic, and motivating. He was very easy to work with and he produced some really good work. I'd highly recommend him, and welcome the opportunity to work with him again! 

Dak Kopec  Award Winning Author & Director, Master of Design Studies in Design for Human Health at The Boston Architectural College    Boston, MA       May, 2016


Dear Michael

I was moved and excited. I admire your speech and slides.  I am satisfied with your attractive presentation materials .  Thank you for your efforts and time.

Atsuko Takayama       Awaji City, Hyogo, JAPAN  July, 2016


Hi Michael, 

I will touch on why I have enjoyed the sessions so much.

- We have created a relaxing environment where the session is customizable, informative, and enjoyable. 

- Ego free and genuine conversations.

- You have ample knowledge and resources to cover a myriad of topics that I am interested in and do so in a very understanding way.

- Having access to the information after our sessions with two different resources (written and audio) is incredibly beneficial.

- Only negative is that I'm not a millionaire yet... Lol. 

Thanks for everything. It really has been a pleasure working with you.  More to come. 


Chad Gengras     Boston, MA  April, 2016


Hi Michael! 

I saw that your 4 week classes are full but I was wondering if you will accept to coach us beside this meetup?   We are three International students of Master of Social Entrepreneurship from Japan, Uganda and France. 

And we have been selected among 25,000 students to be a part of the 6 teams which will pitch their startup idea in September at CGI to President Bill Clinton and Peace Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus.  The prize is $1M in capital seed. 

Your help would be key to improve our pitch and feel comfortable at CGI. 


Manon  Boston, MA   August 2016


I had the pleasure to be in Michael's public speaking class this semester. I have learned as much from Michael's carefully crafted lesson's as I have from observing his skillful way of the delivery of the lessons. Thank you, Michael, for making me a more confident speaker and person!

Dragana Kovacevic  MDS Sustainable Design   Boston Architectural College   Boston, MA May, 2016



It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the toast Masters event!   Your topic was very interesting and you seemed so passionate about the topic.  Would you be interested in giving a talk or team building activity to young professionals at Boston Childrens Hospital?   I'm the ( project development and training coordinator for BCH and I think many young professionals would very much enjoy and benefit from your talk  . 

With many thanks and best of luck, 

Julie L.             Boston,MA  July, 2016


Dear Michael

Your class at CCAE is really inspiring.   By the way, I want to make sure the home work for Day 3 and hope to watch the video you recorded.


Hiroki Nato     Cambridge, MA   May, 2016


Your workshop was helpful yesterday. I'm looking forward to seeing my performance along with your feedback.

Aasta W.              Boston, MA      May, 2016


Our organization hired Michael for some public speaking courses. He is an incredibly effective lecturer and instructor, and a lot of fun to work with!

Eleni Glekas  Director of Historic Preservation at Boston Architectural College          Boston, MA        May 13, 2016


Hi Michael, 

I really enjoyed the session on Wednesday night, thank you!  Also, I am interested in the 4 pack sessions in June, can you provide more information on these? 


Amy Lucas     Boston, MAAugust, 2016


Thanks Michael.  Your course was one of the most interesting things that I've did this year in Boston.    You are a great instructor.   Good luck!

Ana Isabel Alvarez         Cambridge, MA     November, 2015


Hi Michael,

First, thanks very much for sharing your expertise.  You are quite talented and a delight to learn from!  Please sign me up for your next session starting July 13th.

All the best,

Susan Ahern         Consulate General of Canada | Consulat général du Canada         Boston, MA     July, 2016


Thanks again for all your last minute help.

Steve CurranBoston, MA   November, 2015


Hello Michael,

Thank you so much again for your instruction on Thursday; it was fantastic! We are all set to go for 11am this Thursday.

Thanks again!

Richard Rozewski           Coordinator of Education, Distance Programs      Boston Architectural College              Boston, MA         May, 2016


Hi Michael

I thought the class today was excellent, and everyone seemed to think it was valuable endeavor,

Thanks again for your flexibility -    Looking forward to next week already!

Thank you!

Michael Fiorillo   Director of Sustainable Design, The Boston Architectural College                   Boston, MA     May, 2016


Hi Michael,

The meditation session with 20 youngsters and 12 police officers went well.  I took a video and will show you sometime….thanks for your help.   Here’s a couple of pics….one with the Boston Police Commissioner….

Chris Mayya        Boston, MA        November, 2015


Hi Michael,

Thanks for being such a fabulous teacher!

With appreciation,

Susan Ahern       Boston, MA             July, 2016


Hi Michael, 

Just a quick thank you for the public speaking class and all of the feedback. Ithink everyone in the class found it quite useful and eye opening in some ways. 

Best Wishes, 

Rohit Sakhuja          Cambridge, MA             August, 2015


Thank you again for a wonderful class - I will certainly be using much of that knowledge on a regular basis going forward and cannot wait to make my own hummus!


Lauren Collinson        Cambridge, MA           August, 2015


Genius! I can't thank you enough. I've been trying to navigate these video taping waters, and found it all so overwhelming. 

Thank you!!!!!!

Kayla Mandel Sheets, LCGC   Founder of Vibrant Gene Consulting              Cambridge, Massachusetts                       March, 2015



I wanted to thank you profusely for your help. I'm confounded why this topic was not required learning anywhere in my education and my inexperience has really opened my eyes to some possible reasoning behind past disappointments. I have so many valuable notes and techniques to practice and learn from now and I feel I'm already doing better professionally.

Thanks again,

Nate Leskovic                 Cambridge, MA                June, 2015



I think your feedback was mostly pretty great.   Keep going, brother, I appreciate what you're offering.

Sarkis Love                 Cambridge, MA                September, 2015



I can't thank you enough for pushing me to go well beyond my comfort zone.  You've been a tremendous source of inspiration.  Thanks again for inviting me to do TV...it was simply amazing.

See you tonight,

Kayla SheetsCambridge, MAMarch, 2015


Hi Michael,

I wanted to thank you again for meeting with the Fellows last weekend. The feedback/tips you gave them were terrific - I know it will help them for not only this presentation but any they may do in the future as well.

Have a great weekend!

Kait Yankello     International Programs ManagerUnited PlanetBoston, MAOctober, 2015


Hi Michael,

Yesterday's class was awesome.   I look forward seeing you next week.


Chris MayyaBoston, MA              October, 2015


Hi Michael,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thanks again for a great public speaking class experience (that was not as scary I thought it would be :) - but still a bit scary, in a good way.


Anna Elgart              Cambridge, MA                March, 2016


Your class was so helpful. I never thought I'd be able to be myself in front of a crowd. Can't wait to learn more by reading your book.

Rebecca D.                        Cambridge, MA                 August, 2016


Hi Michael,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         You've definitely helped me in my public speaking journey.    

Pat H.              Cambridge, MA                August, 2016     


You definitely helped me and I took away many lessons and how important it is to learn these skills.  I wish I had taken your course 20 years ago. :)                                                           Nate Leskovic                  Watertown, MA                    August, 2016