Do you need to give a great speech and get there quickly?

That's what Private Coaching is all about.

Custom projects are my specialty and I love variety and challenge!

Here's a short sample of what I can do for you:

  • Write & design your speech
  • Create your PowerPoint
  • Coach you to speak without notes
  • Teach you how to get audience participation
  • Turn your native language into a strength
  • Teach you how to present well on television
  • Yes, I can travel to you
  • Online coaching available
  • Video Recording for your review
  • FLASH COACHING: Short phone coaching in between sessions

Whether you're giving a speech for work, a powerpoint presentation, a conference, a wedding, court testimony, accepting an award or any reason at all simply tell me the goal and I'll help you get there.

Take a look below at one of our clients: Tom Brady's Personal Chef giving a talk at Harvard.

Call or email me to discuss your unique needs.

Michael McCarthy