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TedX Coaching: Before and After

Meet Panu, one of MIT’s finest.  His scientific discoveries will solve the world’s water crisis but Panu was nervous, highly technical in his word usage, did not speak clearly, was monotone and used filler words. After 4 sessions Panu was relaxed, confident and gave a great talk in Thailand. 

Allen Campbell Harvard Vegan Conference

Meet Tom Brady’s personal chef.  Allen came to me with great enthusiasm and an off the cuff speaking style.  He was hard to follow, powerpoints had too much text, he forgot his words and put in too much information.

After 3 sessions Allen was organized, clear, inspirational and funny!

Tom Brady’s Personal Chef (New England Patriots Quarterback & Super Bowl Winner)

Keynote Speaking Topic: Blockchain

As an instructor at Harvard Extension School part of my abilities in presenting keynotes is to explain difficult concepts simply for a wide variety of audiences.

Blockchain: Easy Explanation

Bitcoin Harvard Lecture

Keynote Speaking Topic: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

As a keynote speaker I specialize in talking about entrepreneurship and innovation and inspiring audiences from high school and above to take the risk to realize their dreams.

“2017 Creative Armenia Business Challenge”, Filmed in Yerevan, Armenia

“Successful Social Entrepreneurship”, Armenia

Pitch Coaching

Meet the winners of the $1 million Hult Prize.  I can help coach you for startup competitions in front of large audiences like Roshni Rides at the United Nations or help you with a private pitch for VCs, RFPs or any kind of sales pitching.

2017 $1 Million Hult Prize Winner

2016 $1 Million Hult Prize Finalist

“10 Steps to a Winning Pitch”, Armenia

Advance Pitching Techniques

Corporate Training: Sales

Cultivating Executive Presence

The Trust Equation

Startup TV Boston

Startup TV Boston: AMI

Startup TV Boston: Social Entrepreneurship

Startup TV Boston: iStrong

Panu Sukitpaneenit's TedX Talk

Panu Sukitpaneenit Senior Membrane Scientist at Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. He is a Senior Membrane Scientist at Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. in Boston. Panu's research centers on designing novel and high separation membrane materials and technologies for clean water and energy, healthy dairy foods & beverages and affordable healthcare to build a better future for all.

IDE2018 Symposium - Panu Sukitpaneenit